Epson Announces Two 1080p Projectors for Home Theater

It was not too long ago that Epson released their home theater in a box type deal with projector included, and they are continuing their foray into home theaters with some nice 1080p projection units that are reasonably priced. Features look nice, but I’d want to read a review on one before investing.


The two new products are the PowerLite Home Cinema 8100 and the 8500 UB. Both projectors are 3LCD units with 1080p resolution. The 8100 has a dynamic contrast ratio of 36000:1 and the 8500 UB has a dynamic contrast ratio of 200000:1. The 8100 sells for $1599 and the 8500 UB will sell for under $3000. Epson promises that both projectors offer good color reproduction with crisp and natural images. Other features of the 8100 include 1800 lumens of brightness and light can be controlled on a frame-by-frame basis at 60 times per second.