New car PC from Shuttle

Why not have a media center PC in the car? While Car PC enthusiasts have been doing this for years, Shuttle aims to bring it a bit more main stream bu offering a decently equipped car PC. The beauty of this unit is that it shuts of properly when you turn the ignition off. It will come sporting a Core DUO CPU, DVI out and 7.1 audio. This would be great to hook up to an in-dash DVD player with a couple of units in the back to keep the kids entertained.

Slash Gear

The car PC should pack enough of a punch for the average driver. Look for an Intel Core Duo and 7.1 channel audio and DVI-out. One of the biggest issues with car PC's is that you generally have to get a special adapter to shut down the PC when the car is turned off. You won't have to worry about that with this little guy, it's already built-in.