Kaleidescape Prevails in DVD Ripping Case

Good news for you pirat…errr…legitimate people who love to backup your DVDs. And pretty good news in general for those of us with aspirations of building a super home media server where we can just simply store everything. CE Pro As Kaleidescape CEO Michael Malcolm explains, "The DVD CCA went on a fishing expedition for three years, trying to find […]

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The Media Center Show #101 – Orb’s Ian McCarthy

Thursday, so time for Ian's Media Center Podcast! This week up is Ian McCarthy from Orb, the makers who intend to stream your media across the world to you. Show times 00:54 Coming up this week 01:23 Email on show 100 04:55 Email on Vongo 05:23 New feature "Ask Charlie Owen" 07:07 Charlie Owen on MCMLPad 08:00 Softsled.net 09:38 How […]

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Showtime Interactive in Vista MCE


  Showtime Interactive Today we will take a quick peak at the latest online spotlight application in Vista Media Center, Showtime Interactive. Let's see if it's worthy of becoming a player in the online content world.   Showtime Interactive is yet another online content distributor made possible by the generous folks at Showtime, where you can find and download programs […]

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