XLobby Partners with Calrad Electronics…Development to Ramp Up

Steven Hanna at XLobby has announced that Calrad Electronics will be partnering with XLobby. They have hired Steven to resume development of the product and will be releasing a commercial version of XLobby in the future. Much speculation is going on over at the XLobby forums about what will happen over the coming months. Beta versions w/ expiration dates will […]

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Orb’s Web based Windows Media Center Extender


Ian's got a post about a new feature of Orb which provides an MCE-like interface you can access from any computer, and thus stream your content. Personally, I think the design is awful. Considering all the different plugins I've seen, and considering the designs Orb's interface normally has, I'm surprised. I wonder if some developer just designed this in his […]

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$299 Blu-ray player by end of year?


There's no doubt that the high price of both HD & Blu-Ray are what's really making this race as fast as 2 turtles. If one of these could really hit some more aggressive pricing, it'd provide a huge advantage over the other. I still think the combo players are really going to be the winners in the end. Blu-Ray's great…but […]

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Logitech Harmony 1000 C|Net Review


Probably one of the most drool worthy remotes out there under $500, the Logitech 1000 just oozes sexiness. And apparantly it can do a decent job as a remote, as C|Net gave it a 7.7 rating, missing a higher score due to no RF extenders (kinda odd, but could be purchased for more money), and a short battery life due […]

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CyberLink Launches Media Deluxeâ„¢, a 7-in-1 Suite of Entertainment Products to Enhance Vista Media

CyberLink Launches Media Deluxeâ„¢, a 7-in-1 Suite of Entertainment Products to Enhance Vista Media Center Taipei, Taiwan—-March 6th, 2007—-CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a world leader in digital home solutions, today announced the launch of CyberLink Media Deluxe, its plug-ins for Microsoft Vista Media Center, entertainment and personal creativity products. Designed to seamlessly integrate with and augment Windows Vista Media Center, CyberLink […]

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Couchville TV Listings from Snapstream

The folks at Snapstream have been working behind the scenes on a new website called Couchville.com . In addition to having their "Buzz" which shows the top recorded shows by BeyondTV users, it also works as a TV Guide listings. Pretty quick as well. I'm sure in time they'll interface it more with Beyond, so maybe this is finally the […]

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