Logitech Harmony 1000 C|Net Review


Probably one of the most drool worthy remotes out there under $500, the Logitech 1000 just oozes sexiness. And apparantly it can do a decent job as a remote, as C|Net gave it a 7.7 rating, missing a higher score due to no RF extenders (kinda odd, but could be purchased for more money), and a short battery life due to that big screen.

Logitech has designed the remote to have a maximum of four layers of
menus, so users don't get buried in an overcomplicated menu tree. All
in all, it seems like a good system, but as with any new remote, it
will take some getting used to. You can also create customized buttons
in the Harmony software. However, we didn't see a way to create your
own button design



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