$299 Blu-ray player by end of year?


There's no doubt that the high price of both HD & Blu-Ray are what's really making this race as fast as 2 turtles. If one of these could really hit some more aggressive pricing, it'd provide a huge advantage over the other. I still think the combo players are really going to be the winners in the end. Blu-Ray's great…but c'mon, the pr0n industry chose HD….do you really want to choose against them?

If true, that would be the first Blu-ray player that would cost less than the PlayStation 3, which we've found
offers excellent Blu-ray playback for less than all other Blu-ray
players. It would also be a pretty significant change of course from Glasgow's interview with CNET in January, where he said he didn't think Blu-ray players would hit $299 for another two or three years.

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