Recommended Reading by John

John has a couple of articles he passed my way this morning. Both have to deal with the storage systems. We really wouldn't have this type of storage problem if you guys and gals would quit recording American Idol in HD. Storage Market Spins Out Of Control: The market for external disk storage systems was up $272m in the fourth […]

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Why you want a 120Hz LCD TV


In talking with Alan the other day it became obvious that we should have a write up about why 120Hz LCD HDTVs are a big deal and why they should be your TVs of choice. Read on for the details A quick refresher on the common HDTV formats: 720p is 1280×720 progressive scan with 60 frames per second [720p/60] 1080i […]

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New Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 4000 launches at CeBit

tvsquad has word that Hauppauge has a new tuner out that is capable of receiving all UK TV broadcast formats. From the article: It's capable of receiving all UK TV broadcast formats, including analog, Freeview digital, satellite and High Definition (HD) satellite. It should be available mid-March, at around £180, and comes in PCI format. The card is packed with […]

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1080i vs 1080p

While I chastise for over-simplifying things, they do have a number of great back to the basics type articles well suited for folks who are about to jump into the home theater arena. In today's article they explain the difference between 1080i and 1080p From the article: 1080i and 1080p are both High Definition display formats for HDTVs. 1080i […]

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JVC DLA-HD1 1920×1080 Home Theater Projector


1080p projectors are all the rage now a days, at least if you have $5,000 plus dollars to spend. Coming close to that price range is JVC's DLA-HD1 projector. Sporting a 1080p native resolution, this LCOS projector has dual HDMI inputs, an S-Vid connection, and a single component connection. Perhaps the standout here is the 15,000:1 contrast ratio. From the […]

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