JVC DLA-HD1 1920×1080 Home Theater Projector


1080p projectors are all the rage now a days, at least if you have $5,000 plus dollars to spend. Coming close to that price range is JVC's DLA-HD1 projector. Sporting a 1080p native resolution, this LCOS projector has dual HDMI inputs, an S-Vid connection, and a single component connection. Perhaps the standout here is the 15,000:1 contrast ratio.

From the review:

This is a the first time I've seen this feature in a three-chip
projector, and they should all have it. The convergence had been set
reasonably well at the factory, though I added a single additional step
to the vertical blue channel. This put
everything within one-half pixel or less of proper alignment.
Unfortunately, vertical lines at the far right side of the image were
off by up to one pixel, primarily in red. This was rarely noticeable
from a normal viewing distance, and then only as a slight red edge to
very high contrast objects on that side, such as white titles on a
black background. A difference in pixel convergence in different parts
of the screen is generally due to chromatic aberration in the lens or
something else in the optical path, not panel misalignment, which would
be uniform across the entire screen.