New Media Center applications – MCEMailbox, MAMECenter and Harmony 2007

Being the lazy guy I am, I decided to link Aaron Stebner's post that links to three different MCE plugins that came out recently. MCE Mailbox, MAMECenter and Harmony 2007 automation plugin all came out recent.

Aaron's Post:

MCE Mailbox:


Harmony 2007:

Steven Harding posted a blog post about a week ago.
In it, he introduces an alpha version of a Multi Arcade Machine
Emulator (MAME) application for Windows Vista Media Center that he has
been working on.

The application, named MAMECenter, is written
in Media Center Markup Langauge (MCML), and a downloadable MSI and some
screenshots are available via the blog post. I tried it out on my
system and the UI launched but a list of games never appeared.
However, I've heard from a couple of other people who tried it out and
were able to successfully use it within Media Center.