Logitech Harmony 1000

There just isn't enough remote reviews to satisfy my tastes, so I was happy to stumble across Digital Trends' review of the Harmony 1000 remote. This isn't your standard text review, you can look forward to a spiffy review of this expesnive 3.5" color touchscreen beauty.

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More Mythtv!


This weekend my wife hosted a baby shower at our house, so we had a bunch of people over. I soon found myself removed from the family room and the computer room 'cause guys weren't allowed… So what's a guy to do with no HTPC? Luckily for me, my brother was over and brought along his Mac . With time […]

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Lawmakers propose reversal of Net radio fee increases

As the title says, Lawmakers have proposed a bill to reverse the over the top royalty fee increases that were to be imposed on Internet radio. Outlined in the article is the bill itself which comes up with a good alternative to keep internet radio in business. news.com.com "You can't put an economic chokehold on this emerging force of democracy," […]

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Mitsubishi WD-65831 65″ DLP Rear Projection TV

We have been a little short on display news as of late, so I got off my butt and found a nice review of Mitsubishi's WD-65831 DLP. DLP is still king for size versus cost, however, if you are sensitive to the rainbow artificats of DLPs, look elsewhere. Over DVI0I connection it can acccept 1080p with 60/30/and24hz. This makes an […]

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Oppo DV-981HD Upconverting DVD Player

A quality DVD player does not mean you have to pay a bundle for it. Oppo has come out with a line of great upconverting DVD players. Not only is the upconverting top notch in this player, it can also handle a ton of different CODECS including DivX, WMA, DVD-A and a few others. You can check out our review […]

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CableCARD: What You Need to Know

There is definately a love hate relationship going on with CableCard. We love the fact it will bring us integrated Digital PVR loving to HTPC and TIVOs but we hate it because of the DRM, and the control the cable cos have over it. As always, EH has a great article/primer up about CableCards. Electronic House Next to arrive, perhaps […]

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The New & Improved Remote Record


I just happened to be in need of scheduling some recordings at work, so was forced to use MSN's Remote Record (since I can't forward ports on the router to be able to use Webguide). But, I was so surprised & impressed with my experience I thought I would share. It seems the MSN TV guys have been working hard […]

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Comparing 3 HD Ready Video Projectors


Some reviews from DenGuru guys on some nifty tri-LCD projection units, if you've got the space, and the money. Just in time for the playoffs!      GearDigest  The three tri-LCD video projectors evaluated here performed very well. Any one of these projectors would make a fine compliment to an HD TV setup. Read the individual reviews to assure that […]

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