The New & Improved Remote Record


I just happened to be in need of scheduling some recordings at work, so was forced to use MSN's Remote Record (since I can't forward ports on the router to be able to use Webguide). But, I was so surprised & impressed with my experience I thought I would share. It seems the MSN TV guys have been working hard […]

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Comparing 3 HD Ready Video Projectors


Some reviews from DenGuru guys on some nifty tri-LCD projection units, if you've got the space, and the money. Just in time for the playoffs!      GearDigest  The three tri-LCD video projectors evaluated here performed very well. Any one of these projectors would make a fine compliment to an HD TV setup. Read the individual reviews to assure that […]

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The Media Center Show #105 Anthony Park

Thursday! Means the week is almost over…but more importantly, Ian's weekly podcast is up! This week, Ian's got Anthony Park, my fellow Media Center MVP & developer of MCE Browser. 04:06 Email – Blank windows problem 06:00 Email – Using mceBackup 07:55 My book "Using Windows Vista Media Center" is ready to go 10:21 Update on "What features are missing from […]

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0wning Vista from the boot

I'm not usually one to post general PC security news, but this article caught my eye.  Might this be the only way a Windows user can have full control over THEIR PC?  Of course, this could obviously be used for "evil", but it does raise some interesting possibilities. The Register Federico Biancuzzi interviews Nitin and Vipin Kumar, authors of VBootkit, […]

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New Case Coming To Town


Is it me or has the HTPC case industry hit a bit of a stale streak in the last while? Well, it looks like things are about to change. Omaura, a name you will soon come to know more about, has granted me a sneak peak at one of their first cases that will hit the market. Along with the […]

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