The Media Center Show #105 Anthony Park

Thursday! Means the week is almost over…but more importantly, Ian's weekly podcast is up! This week, Ian's got Anthony Park, my fellow Media Center MVP & developer of MCE Browser.

04:06 Email – Blank windows problem
06:00 Email – Using mceBackup
07:55 My book "Using Windows Vista Media Center" is ready to go
10:21 Update on "What features are missing from Music in Media Center"
14:59 HiPe PC launches a in car PC system
16:38 April 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista
18:14 A Message from One Voice
19:15 Welcome to Anthony
19:56 How did Anthony get in to Media Center development
23:15 Anthony's background
24:40 How mceBrowser was works
28:00 It works on the Xbox 360
31:50 Becoming an MVP
32:40 Presenting to Developers
35:55 mceBrowser on a yacht
38:37 mceMailbox
44:25 What is next?
46:50 Anthony's Woodwork projects
49:35 MyMovies
50:03 Windows Home Server
53:33 Thanks to Anthony

Listen to the show here .