Hitachi’s 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Reviewed


DROOOL!!!! Yeah, I can't get over the excitement of a 1 TERABYTE hard drive finally coming out! And I'm even more excited that it was by Hitachi, known for their AAM-enabled quiet hard drives, versus Seagate's loud garbage.   Tom's Hardware  Hitachi's new Deskstar 7K1000 is clearly worth recommending for those with huge storage requirements. Its 1 TB represents a […]

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Target breaking Elite street date, now on eBay


Those of you anxiously awaiting the release of the Xbox360 Elite can finally waste…err…spend those savings. If you can't wait, you can go to Ebay & be gauged to be one of the first. I'm sure they're going for an obscene price right now….but curious who's really going to pay considering it's just a regular 360 with some nice addons, […]

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No Blu-ray for iMac’s until 2008?

I doubt this is a huge blow for Blu-Ray, nor a huge gain for HD-DVD, just one of those random factoids that doesn't help anyone in the cause to convert the millions over to high definition, whether they want it or not. If they're delaying, why not just include a combo player? Whatever, just talking out loud now. MacNN The […]

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Digital Life TV (DL.TV) Episode 157

I've never posted a link to DL.TV, and that's really my fault so I apologize. I should show my loyalty considering I used to watch this often. The show features Patrick Norton, from the old Tech-TV glory days, and they often feature home theater programming. To those unaware, DL.TV is a twice-a-week vidcast where they go over hardware & news […]

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Hitachi bets on 85-inch PDP TV

I'm not sure how I feel to hear that even with the massive demand for plasmas, that Hitachi can't break even while maxing out their production line. They're hoping that they can dominate the plasma market with 30% market share, which is a bit optimistic if you ask me. There's just too many players in the field for one to […]

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