Ricavision SideShow Remote Unboxed and Groped


Now this is a surefire way to make the entire internet community jealous at you. Those crafty folks at Gizmodo got their hands on an ACTUAL Sideshow remote. No information as to pricing or availability, nor is it even that indepth a review, but hey, at least it's real!   Gizmodo  Okay, so this is a very quick first impression. […]

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DVRs and Place Shifting 101

This is a pretty basic article, but if you've got people you know who know ZERO about DVR's, this is a good introductory to the world of fun. And we've got very helpful people in the forums if you need more explanation or clarification. Don't forget to check out my article on Placeshifting if you're interested in more info on […]

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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 Projector


I really can't wait to own my own crib so I can get a projector. I'll never forget going to my old boss' house and watching the Laker game, in full HD on about 10 feet of projection glory. The luxury seats & McIntosh surround sound didn't hurt either. Projector Central It seems like the new 1080p resolution format is […]

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Mitsubishi pours 46 inches of tasty 1080p

Got $4,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Don't go buy that beat up used Honda, instead invest it on this TV and really impress your friends. The folks at Sci Fi Tech sure seem to be pretty impressed with the quality, but they do note the obvious, that basically the only things utilizing 1080p are HD-DVD & BluRay….and of […]

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CBS To Get Joost Up

Joost has really done quite a job creating a buzz for their product which isn't even public yet, which probably helped convince CBS it was a worthwhile investment. Thinking of how long it took YouTube to get any contracts with major studios makes this news even more impressive & hopeful for Joost's future. Digital Trends Joost is currently in beta, […]

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HD Radio Hits Home At $119

Holy cow they've got some ugly devices, but hey, at least the price is lower than normal. I guess these things are normally $200? So $119 is a steal! So, if HD Radio is important to you, you have this option, but I'd probably wait for something a *little* better. But who am I to judge, better than nothing, eh?! […]

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