DVRs and Place Shifting 101

This is a pretty basic article, but if you've got people you know who know ZERO about DVR's, this is a good introductory to the world of fun. And we've got very helpful people in the forums if you need more explanation or clarification. Don't forget to check out my article on Placeshifting if you're interested in more info on that as well.

DVR Playground

DVRs provide you with a lot more than VCRs did. With DVRs, you can "pause" live TV to take a phone call or deal with an interruption; ost people love this. Your DVR will still be recording your show while you're away. You can come back and start watching from where you left off. You can move backward or forward within the already-recorded portion of your show, even while it's still recording. Another perk to using a DVR is that you can skip through the commercials without ever having to watch them.