Yahoo! Brings Baseball to Yahoo! Sports for TV


Woohoo, finally available for any Vista MCE users! Previously this type of offering was only available to users with ViiV hardware from Intel, so nice to see them offering it to more. Note though, you do need to be a Yahoo! Plus user to get the live stats, but I'm sure you already knew that.     EHomeUpgrade  This new […]

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S1Digital to Ship CableCARD Enabled Media Centers in Early May


April 25th 2007, New York, NY – S1Digital, a leading builder of high-end Media Centers announced they will be introducing CableCARD (OCUR) enabled Media Centers and Servers in early May. Digital Cable Tuners are the “must have” technology of 2007 and will allow customers to watch and record digital cable programming, including premium HDTV channels, directly from their S1Digital Media […]

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The Set-Top: Open and Shut

Great discussion here. I'm dissapointed that this monopoly has been allowed for as long as it has. Hopefully at some point things change. Microsoft, love em or hate em, really are making strides here with OCUR, even if it is in a very limited capacity. Connected Home2Go I think we're looking at how different set-top business models are going to […]

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iPe PC Launches Driv-N Line of Car-PCs featuring Voice Control Powered by One Voice Technologies


  LA JOLLA, CA—April 24, 2007—One Voice Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ONEV), developer of 4th Generation voice solutions for the Telecom and Interactive Multimedia markets, and HiPe PC, manufacturer of high performance desktop, notebook, media center and professional workstations, today announced that HiPe PC has launched Driv-NÔ, a new line of in-vehicle devices based on Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center and […]

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Is the Blu-ray HD DVD Format War Over?

I've kinda hinted at this with all the various articles/reports that have come out from each of the camps, and still think that the answer will be the combo drives. But these players sure aren't making it easy for you. CE Pro Despite all of the news, reports and sales figures, there has been nothing that has significantly changed adoption […]

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Analog TV Tuners — How We Test


As a compliment to our upcoming ATSC/NTSC combo round up I wanted to share how I test the TV tuners. Read on for the nitty gritty. To be objective about our testing we have a group of still images, most of them are industry standard test patterns. These are compiled onto a DVD video disc and played back on a standard DVD […]

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