Placeshifting…the heavy way


This is one of the oddest things I would have imagined seeing. In a cozy 26lb briefcase, you can enjoy DirecTV programming anywhere you go…assuming your arm doesn't fall off first. I thought this was a joke but it seems real afterall, since a dude at DBS Talk posts some pictures & provides the details DirecTV omits from their page. […]

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Reason to Stick with Cable Co’s DVR Boxes?


I can't decide if this is a reason why you should buy/build your own PVR/DVR, or a reason you shouldn't…So judge for yourself. Either way, Time Warner is probably in a bit of trouble, since at the very least, they manually moved a box with recordings from one home to another person's. Think of the legal ramifications! Consumerist My wife […]

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Web Interface For Media Portal

Media Portal, the largest Windows OS media center program project, has just included a web interface in the latest svn builds. Media Portal We're pleased to announce that we're working on a webinterface for tvserver3. With the webinterface you can control your tvserver over the internet using a normal webbrowser. You can view the tvguide, schedule recordings and more. So […]

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A Week with AppleTV: A Review


I know some of you will be strongly biased one way or another, myself included, but I do like looking at the competition to see what they're creating. PVR Blog puts themselves to the test, enduring an AppleTV for a full week. A test which they seem to like for the most part. PVR Blog  Bottom line: If you're an […]

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Increase MCE Live TV Buffer Plugin

Fellow MCE MVP Doug Knox has answered the cries of MCE users everywhere by developing a quick little app which allows you to adjust the time allowed for the buffer. So, if you've ever gotten upset when you hit pause, went to do something, and came back only to find MCE resumed without your permission…then check this out. Doug Knox […]

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Xbox 360 Elite Questions and Comments Answered

It seems as though the only extender to talk about these days is the Xbox 360. With the pending release of the Elite model, Chris has mini-Q&A for the Media Center community. With all the talk centered around its gaming capabilities, it is good to see some extender talk. Chris Lanier Question/Comment: Why not insist for Xbox Certification, games must […]

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Mac mini: The original Apple TV alternative

If you have been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, you might have missed the AppleTV launch. To much dismay, it turned out to be a bit of a dud. However, for a bit more you can have a full featured Mac Media Center. We, of course, are talking about the mini. The little brother of the […]

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Six Tips for Home Theater Demos

So you have spent thousands of dollars, went through 4 divorces and have a maxed our credit line at your local HI-FI store. Now what do you do? Well show it off to your friends and family of course. EH has a few tips to help you wow your audience! One tip that I find absent from the list relates […]

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