Six Tips for Home Theater Demos

So you have spent thousands of dollars, went through 4 divorces and have a maxed our credit line at your local HI-FI store. Now what do you do? Well show it off to your friends and family of course. EH has a few tips to help you wow your audience! One tip that I find absent from the list relates to the sports fan in your life. A well recorded piece of sports HD will certainly grab their attention.

Electronic House

Find a scene that tells a complete story. There’s nothing worse than coming into the middle of something and not knowing who the characters are or what is going on. The demo piece must have a beginning, middle, and end to it. By selecting a complete scene, you give the audience a sense of fulfillment. Don’t cheat them by cutting off the action or story mid-stream. Classic movie scenes are often too long to conform to both rule one and two above.