Mitsubishi pours 46 inches of tasty 1080p

Got $4,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Don't go buy that beat up used Honda, instead invest it on this TV and really impress your friends. The folks at Sci Fi Tech sure seem to be pretty impressed with the quality, but they do note the obvious, that basically the only things utilizing 1080p are HD-DVD & BluRay….and of course, your HTPCs.

Sci Fi Tech Blog

Okay, it's time to watch some stuff. Every video signal you feed the Mitsubishi is converted to, you guessed it, 1080p. Which I've gotta say really brings out the stubble on Mohinder's face in his close-ups on Heroes (broadcast in 1080i). Is the quality really so much better than TVs that can only do 720p (i.e. most other flat panels)? Tough call, though I was amazed at how close I could sit to the set without seeing obvious pixelation – just a couple of feet. The smaller pixels really make a difference.