Is the Blu-ray HD DVD Format War Over?

I've kinda hinted at this with all the various articles/reports that have come out from each of the camps, and still think that the answer will be the combo drives. But these players sure aren't making it easy for you. CE Pro Despite all of the news, reports and sales figures, there has been nothing that has significantly changed adoption […]

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Analog TV Tuners — How We Test


As a compliment to our upcoming ATSC/NTSC combo round up I wanted to share how I test the TV tuners. Read on for the nitty gritty. To be objective about our testing we have a group of still images, most of them are industry standard test patterns. These are compiled onto a DVD video disc and played back on a standard DVD […]

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April 2007 MCE Update for Vista

Get em while it's hot! The latest from Microsoft for patches, bug fixes, you name it, is now available at your friendly, neighborhood Microsoft site.  Here are some of the known problems it takes care of. If you're the worrisome type, you may want to wait to make sure it doesn't break anyone's system…or just make sure you ghost your […]

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Quiet Media PC made from Junk

I love articles like this, because this is basically how I first got involved with trying to silence my computer for my Media Center. I'll never forget using that cheap-o power supply to cut it open and replace the fan with a Panaflo quiet one. That was adventurous for me, since people always say "Be careful not to touch the […]

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Blu-ray burning its high-def DVD rival

I seriously contemplated whether I wanted to post this or not. We've seen all sorts of different data numbers, from both camps, and yet ask 10 people on the street and I betcha everyone will have their own opinion. So what's yours? Reuters What's more, when given the choice, consumers are going with Blu-ray. Warner Home Video released "The Departed" […]

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A look at personal music-streaming service MediaMaster

Arstechnica goes over one of the many music storage/streaming solutions, such as MP3Tunes with one exception…it's free. Well, for now at least, who knows what'll happen if it becomes more popular. But this stuff definitely makes your local IT admin cringe at the thought of 100 employees uploading & streaming their collection during work. ArsTechnica The ability to create a […]

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