SageTV Plugin : Google Calendar for SageMC

I go away for a few days, and Flachbar/MeInMaui have released a Google Calender Plugin for SageMC. Of course, that begs the question if they are going to do it for the standard STV? Good work guys, SageMC is just about its own program :). SageTV Here is the fruit of another joint effort between flachbar (Dirk) and myself. This […]

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30 Tips for Choosing Speakers

Who knew 30 tips even existed for speaker buying? Apparently their is and EH has them all for you. My advice? Audtion Audition Audition :). Head on over to EH for a few more qualified tips. Electronic House 25. Contrary to popular belief, most speakers don't "blow" because they are overpowered. Rather, they can be damaged because they don't receive […]

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Two Networked HD Media Players Compared


And you thought the HD DVD battle was tough between TWO players. Yet here we have 2 more competitors to the already endless supply of media extenders, all vying for space in your living/bed-room. Some items of note, these DO play XVid/DiVx, but do NOT play DVR-MS filetypes.    Gear Digest  Interestingly enough, the similarities between the Rapsody and the […]

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Two Million HD DVD Players for Walmart?

This would be pretty good news for HD DVD fans, as Walmart having this much of a vested interest is always good for a product's longevity. And I have to agree with their thinking, for them to commit this much, the units will have to be one of the lowest priced units ever. Curious if it'll compete with Xbox360's HD […]

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Inside the Xbox 360 Elite

Never heard of before this, but they've got some nice pictures of the outside & inside of the new XBox360 Elite hardware. Kudos to Microsoft for including an HDMI cable that Sony omitted. Llama Last but certainly not least is the key upgrade to the system; the HDMI port. This was the major let down of the Xbox 360 […]

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Do Higher MP3 Bit Rates Pay Off?

Not a bad article for those of you ripping your music to your server, but honestly, in this day & age where you can buy terabytes of hard drive space for so cheap, do you really need to be skimping on your music quality, no matter what anyone says? So what do you kids rip at? I'm a 192kbps man […]

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Hitachi’s 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Reviewed


DROOOL!!!! Yeah, I can't get over the excitement of a 1 TERABYTE hard drive finally coming out! And I'm even more excited that it was by Hitachi, known for their AAM-enabled quiet hard drives, versus Seagate's loud garbage.   Tom's Hardware  Hitachi's new Deskstar 7K1000 is clearly worth recommending for those with huge storage requirements. Its 1 TB represents a […]

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Target breaking Elite street date, now on eBay


Those of you anxiously awaiting the release of the Xbox360 Elite can finally waste…err…spend those savings. If you can't wait, you can go to Ebay & be gauged to be one of the first. I'm sure they're going for an obscene price right now….but curious who's really going to pay considering it's just a regular 360 with some nice addons, […]

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