Do Higher MP3 Bit Rates Pay Off?

Not a bad article for those of you ripping your music to your server, but honestly, in this day & age where you can buy terabytes of hard drive space for so cheap, do you really need to be skimping on your music quality, no matter what anyone says? So what do you kids rip at? I'm a 192kbps man myself.


That's pretty much the story told by his results-he was able to identify the uncompressed version of his own track after considerable A/B comparisons with the compressed versions, but mixed up the 320Kb/s and 160Kb/s versions. He was also able to correctly identify the quality levels of another participant's track, and the 320Kb/s version of yet another's track, but had to settle on a tie with the Curmudgeon, at five out of 12.