Quiet Media PC made from Junk

I love articles like this, because this is basically how I first got involved with trying to silence my computer for my Media Center. I'll never forget using that cheap-o power supply to cut it open and replace the fan with a Panaflo quiet one. That was adventurous for me, since people always say "Be careful not to touch the capacitors or you'll die!!!" Ahh….the memories.


Edward's project started not as an exercise in reusing and recycling junk but because he wanted to move his media PC into the living room to watch TV and videos more comfortably. The problem was that the PC was ugly and very noisy. He thought about upgrading with quiet components but decided instead to modify what he had with junk cluttering his garage. The end result is a unique and successful DIY media PC case/system that cost only a can of paint, some time, and rid Edward's garage of a bunch of junk.