An Xbox 360 Elite 2.0 Wish List for Home Theater Geeks

This post really takes me back to the original rumors of the Xbox360 and the Playstation 3, back when it had these players coming as basically home theater units as well. You guys remember that? Well, Gizmodo brings back a few of the ideas thrown around back then, as well as some new ones to how the 360 might be the perfect solution.


DVR Functions: Let's start out with a bang. I want to forget about the Vista box in the living room, and shove it in the office, the way it was intended to be (See: HP ditching Home Theater PCs). Right now, to have both gaming and a DVR in the living room, the Microsoft ecosytem stupidly requires you to have both a media center PC and Xbox side by side. That's pretty idiotic. Just give the Xbox an external, USB 2.0 Cablecard tuner and a firmware update with DVR functions inside.