A look at personal music-streaming service MediaMaster

Arstechnica goes over one of the many music storage/streaming solutions, such as MP3Tunes with one exception…it's free. Well, for now at least, who knows what'll happen if it becomes more popular. But this stuff definitely makes your local IT admin cringe at the thought of 100 employees uploading & streaming their collection during work.


The ability to create a streaming radio station easily for my and my friends' use is kind of cool, and I even used it a couple of times during the past couple of weeks since I don't always keep all of my music on my laptop and I like to work around the city a lot. However, one major drawback for me was the fact that I have to upload all of my music manually to the site in order to use the service. Even while using the Advanced uploader, I have to remember to go in and do it myself.