Mitsubishi WD-65831 65″ DLP Rear Projection TV

We have been a little short on display news as of late, so I got off my butt and found a nice review of Mitsubishi's WD-65831 DLP. DLP is still king for size versus cost, however, if you are sensitive to the rainbow artificats of DLPs, look elsewhere. Over DVI0I connection it can acccept 1080p with 60/30/and24hz. This makes an ideal HTPC/Blu-ray setup.

Ultimate A/V Mag

But with 480i off-the-air or from cable, CableCARD, or a satellite box, the Mitsubishi's deinterlacing could be an issue. If you have a choice, you might get better results by configuring your set-top box to upconvert standard definition sources rather than having it pass 480i straight through. This would apply even more so to the cheaper 731 series, which have even more issues at 480i. Both 480i and 480p are very unforgiving of excessive edge enhancement, which this set exhibits even with Sharpness set to 0. While standard DVDs don't look bad on this Mitsubishi, other sets look cleaner.