Paradigm Cinema 330 LCR Speakers, Cinema ADP Surround Speakers, and UltraCube 10 Subwoofer

Secrets of HT and HIFI have a $2,000 Paradign configuration up for test today. The speakers come out of the review relatively unscathed. As well, it looks like they would win a few points in the WAF for design and footprint.

Secrets Of Home Theater And High Fidelity

With critical music listening it was clear why Paradigm put these in the Cinema Line. The speakers would not be enough just as a two channel setup, so 2.1 is a must. The lack of bass was more than compensated for with the fantastic UltraCube 10. The sub added the missing octaves and put a much needed fullness back into all the music I listened to. With lighter music, such as Norah Jones and the sappier Tom Wait's songs, the sound was very enjoyable. With the heavier, gritty music such as Melvins and Clutch, the speakers just couldn't handle the thicker top end especially at loud volumes.