nMedia HTPC 288-BA Case Review


Not the most revolutionary case, but it's good to see manufacturers sticking with the market that's clearly there. One thing I can't stand personally is the front showing connection ports. Just sticks out like a sore thumb IMHO. Tweak Town Features include the hideaway optical bay cover to make everything neat and clean, as well as things like 3 hard […]

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Media Center Setup Quick Tip


I was recently at Microsoft's campus for their annual MVP Summit, and got to spend some time with Jessica Zahn, of the eHome group there. Besides being very nice, she was showing myself & fellow MVP Bryan Socha (aka Accident) some Vista TV features. While that was good and fine, what blew us away, was this very little known trick. […]

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Pioneer 50” 1080p Plasma Display Delivers Cinematic Picture Performance of High Definition Film

At the NSCA Expo this week, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is showcasing its first 50” Pioneer branded 1080p plasma display for the U.S. market.  Previously only available in Japan and Europe, the Pioneer PDP-5000EX provides fine detail and accurate color for the entire range of high definition signals including 720p, 1080i and 1080p.  The Pioneer PDP-5000EX is one of the […]

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LG BH-100 Super Multi Blue Player

One player to rule them all! Why bother sitting on the fence when you can get a player that will play both formats…. Sort of.. The LG Super Blue player will play both formats but lacks HDi. I am not a big "extras" fan so it might not be a deal breaker for me. With TotalHD discs coming out later […]

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Wireless HD Edges Closer

Ever so slowly, Wireless HD appears closer to becoming a reality. The rats nest that is common today could soon be eliminated with wireless HD connectivity. I remain somewhat sleptical as we have yet to make it a reality in home networks. From the article: Motorola, through strategic venture capital arm Motorola Ventures, today announced that it has made an […]

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AV Processor Checklist Definitions

Audioholics has a great article up that defines all the major features of modern AV Receivers. This is a must read if you are in the market for a new receiver! From the article: PLII / PLIIx & Adjustable Features Pro Logic II – This mode derives 5 full-range channels and subwoofer output from a two-channel source. It includes modes […]

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HD Radio Can’t Solve Broadcaster Problems

Perhaps I am on of the few people who doesn't want to pay yet another monthly fee for satellite radio. This is why I am looking forward to HD Radio that is slowly creeping into the market. As with any new technology, the HD Radio receivers are on the pricey side, but this is one tech that should drop in […]

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