HD Radio Can’t Solve Broadcaster Problems

Perhaps I am on of the few people who doesn't want to pay yet another monthly fee for satellite radio. This is why I am looking forward to HD Radio that is slowly creeping into the market. As with any new technology, the HD Radio receivers are on the pricey side, but this is one tech that should drop in price faster then most as adoption increases. Wal-Mart will no doubt help this out by getting these on the shelves. Will HD Radio be competition for satellite radio? I guess only time will tell, once the prices drop to something reasonable I will be in line to purchase one.

From the article:

The giant retailer's support of HD Radio is an important step in the
radio industry's conversion to digital. More and more consumers are
ignoring terrestrial analog radio in favor of digital satellite radio
and portable MP3 players. However, the number of HD Radio receivers
sold to date has been very low.

Consequently, broadcasters are
hoping that HD Radio will revitalize terrestrial radio listenership.
Wal-Mart's agreement to free up shelf space for HD Radio receivers will
allow HD Radio supporters to expand the technology's reach and to
further drive consumer awareness.