AV Processor Checklist Definitions

Audioholics has a great article up that defines all the major features of modern AV Receivers. This is a must read if you are in the market for a new receiver!

From the article:

PLII / PLIIx & Adjustable

Pro Logic II – This mode derives 5 full-range channels and
subwoofer output from a two-channel source. It includes modes for Music and
and provides a
more expansive or diffused sound that is makes good use of a system’s

Pro Logic IIx – This
mode takes Pro Logic II one step further by expanding 2CH and multi-channel
to 7
channels. In more flexible processors, Dolby
Pro Logic II and IIx can be overlaid on top of DTS or Dolby Digital soundtracks
to intelligently make use of Surround Back channels.