LG BH-100 Super Multi Blue Player

One player to rule them all! Why bother sitting on the fence when you can get a player that will play both formats…. Sort of.. The LG Super Blue player will play both formats but lacks HDi. I am not a big "extras" fan so it might not be a deal breaker for me. With TotalHD discs coming out later this year, the format wars just got a bit dirtier.

From the review:

End of the Format War or a New Beginning? (Or at Least a Longer Middle?)
My colleague at
Home Theater
magazine, Geoff Morrison, stole my thunder on this take. He had the
same reaction to the Multi Blue that I had to Warner's announcement of
the dual-format Total HD disc. Namely, that rather than end the format
war this player, like Total HD, has the potential to prolong it by
propping up a format that might be dying of natural causes in the
market place (bet Geoff didn't know that take makes him an advocate of
a free market economy).

My response is, "true dat." But at least the LG player is here now for
the people that want it and may grab some fence-sitters; by announcing
Total HD to launch in the second half of 2007 hasn't Warner given the
sideline sitters yet another reason to wait to buy into either format?!