High Definition 1080p TV: Why You Should Be Concerned

Secrets Of HIFI is here today to explain 1080p and why you should be concerned. They do a great job of explaining 1080i vs 1080p and the various frames studios use. In the end, we all want an untouched source to display stream without any processing involved. We are getting closer and closer to this HD nirvana.

From the article:

Some of you who are more conversant with the
whole progressive scan DVD realm are probably already balking at this,
citing the trouble we ran into there with regards to putting 24p on DVD and
the bumps in the road with getting it back out.  Those problems are
fortunately for the most part a relic of the past.  The issue in the
DVD era was that films were first transferred to interlaced video. 
Often they were manipulated or even edited in that format on equipment,
oblivious to the 2-3 cadence within, which would then break that cadence. 
We would then feed that potentially imperfect interlaced signal to a DVD
video encoder which had to "detect" the film cadence within, more often than
not with less than perfect results.