Recommended Reading by John

John has a couple of articles he passed my way this morning. Both have to deal with the storage systems. We really wouldn't have this type of storage problem if you guys and gals would quit recording American Idol in HD.

Storage Market Spins Out Of Control:

The market for external disk storage systems was up $272m in the fourth quarter of 2006 to $4.8bn. In just the fourth quarter the total disk storage market grew by 4.9 per cent to $6.9bn from the same period last year. The total storage capacity shipped last year was 1, 030 petabytes, an increase of 48.5 per cent.

NEC warms up unlaunched storage grid

This HYDRA's talents don't end there. NEC also claims the system, if geographically spread, will do away with the need for a disaster recovery system.

NEC says the product is aimed at medium to very large data centres. It will ship in the second half of 2007.

I have seen some pretty hefty HTPC setups over my years. I pretty sure one or two would qualify as a medium data center.