Apple TV: Worth It?

Right from the very start, we all knew that Apple TV would be a dud. And now that a few reviewers have gotten their hands on it, its pretty obvious that Apple really fell down flat on this one. They were much closer with the mac mini then this stinker. After Steve's tirade on DRM, its pretty obvious that his latest product does nothing to solve the Apple-DRM love fest.


One of the mantras being uttered about Apple TV is that it's a PC-to-TV bridge for the rest of us. I'd really like to meet the restofus family, do they live nearby? Because I think the readers of Gizmodo and other blogs, along with thousands of other gadget lovers who aren't bleeding-edge techies, are the restofus. Between digital cable boxes with DVR functionality and TiVo, we are already well aware of what is possible when it comes to managing media on a TV. Apple TV over-simplifies things, and under-estimates the base level of expectation that people have about the PC-to-TV experience. The bridge itself is not enough, it's got to be better than the VOD options I already have.