SageTV V6.1.6 Release Candidate

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SageTV V6.1.6 Release Notes 3/20/2007 RELEASE CANDIDATE 5

Core Updates
1. DVB frequency updates for Sweden
2. Fixed various bugs related to not using an always increasing clock. The most notable one being when SageTVClient would disconnect from the server whenever it did a significant clock change.
3. Added property optimize_metadata_mem_usage which defaults to true and removes the unused metadata map from the media format objects in memory
4. Fixed bug where service and non-service mode would accept different types of parameters for StringList variables (caused AddShow to not work right in a bug report)
5. Improved detection of 'live playback boundary' so SageTV won't stutter when it's close to live TV
6. Added restriction on the volume range to hold it between 0.0 and 1.0
7. Added support for stopping a DVD when it reaches the end.
8. Fixed bug where the audio formats were listed in the wrong order in the language selection dialog sometimes
9. Fixed bug where track numbers of the format #/# sometimes didn't get parsed correctly
10. Fix out sync of telext stream in DVB-T causing PTS fixing messing up.
11. Updated transport stream processing code to new cross-platform codebase
12. FIX crash caused by TS stream error that PMT program id is not consistance with program id in PAT (KAZA-DT station)
13. FIX: parser is not able parse a stream (illregular stream) that two channel's PMT share a PID. (WYSR-DT)
14. Fixed bug in getEventTime0 so that it isn't thread-dependent on its return value
15. Bug fix: New z offset feature caused the text to be hidden on some item renderings