Windows Home Server Blog

If you are interested in knowing more about Windows Home Server, head on over to their newly formed blog and see what it is all about. They already have quite a bit of data at the blog including several videos talking about WHS.

One of their most recent posts have to do with why they decided not to put exchange in WHS? Kudos to MS for opening up to the commumity and avoiding canned PR responses.

WHS (Windows Home Server) Blog:

"Why don't you put Exchange in Windows Home Server?"

There are a lot of reasons why the first version of Windows Home Server will not provide any e-mail functionality for a family:

  1. 86% of consumers in broadband homes with 2 or more computers are ""very satisfied" with their hosted e-mail solution.   
    • Interestingly, consumers usually have 2 or more "e-mail" accounts, one for communicating with friends and one for all of that other stuff (e.g. site registrations, e-commerce shipping information, etc.).
    • They often use the free e-mail accounts from their broadband provider and they also have a free e-mail account from 1 or more of the Big 4 (MSN Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo).
    • They like the convenience of a hosted e-mail solution.