What’s Your Favorite Plugin?

What is your fave plugin? Perhaps a DVD library plugin? A web guide plugin? A DVD burning one?


Mine? Honestly, my favorite plugin is one I haven't tried yet. I am intent on installing a home automation plugin sooner then later and I have to admit I am not thinking of anything else as of late. Vista's Sport's Lounge would be in my top two or three for sure. BTV's very nicely laid out DVD burning plugin is up there as well. For general day to day use, I find I use the weather plugin the most.

What would I like to see more of? Tough question indeed. While I can't identify one in particular, plugins like Vista's Sports Lounge are what I would like to see more of. There is a mountain of information available to us in day to day surfing, why can't some of that be applied to Media Centers? Perhaps a recipe links when a cooking show comes on? 


Alright, I will expand that question.. What is your favorite plugin? And what is the next plugin you would like to see developed?