The Media Center Show #96 – Doug Berrett – Webguide 4.0

I haven't had a time to listen to this week's show, but I can't wait to. I've been a huge fan of Doug Berrett ever since his first Webguide came out. It's an MCE plugin to allow you to remotely control your MCE, and even stream live TV anywhere! Think Slingbox but with your MCE.

00:34 Coming up this week
01:10 Mpeg 4 in DVB-T
01:30 Problem with DVB-S channel scanning in MCE2005 (forum post)
04:22 Windows Media Center Tips
04:54 Tip of the week and the winner of Pamela + mcePhone
05:29 Problem with HP Pavilion M7775 and Media Center Extenders
06:40 Webguide Sidebar Gadget for Windows Media Center
07:13 Windows Home Server Beta and it working well for me
08:30 Windows Live for TV
09:47 The pros and cons of upgrading to Vista from MCE2005
11:11 A Message from Onevoice
11:53 Welcome to Doug Berrett
13:00 What is Webguide
16:00 Getting integrated
18:00 Features
22:00 Sporting Events in Media Center
23:10 Search
24:30 Internationalization
26:50 New features of 4.0
30:17 Streaming
31:19 Live TV
37:33 Mobile devices
42:44 Recommendation Service
47:00 Installing Webguide 4.0
49:20 Vista support
51:15 Download link
52:00 New Vista Media Center books

Listen to the show here