BitTorrent Launches Video Download Service

We knew it was coming down the pipe, and today BitTorrent let the world know about the BitTorrent Entertainment Network. Similar to other services out there it is a download service offering movies, TV shows, movies and some free content. It is certainly no bargain with movie rentals coming in at $3.99 and TV shows for $1.99. The content will be wrapped in the ever famous Windows DRM so you will not be able to transfer it to your portable devices (boo). How will it compete with the other competitors? Only time will tell.

From the article:

The industry will watch BitTorrent's entry into the video download market carefully. On one hand, BitTorrent is one of the technologies powering the "darknet" of unauthorized online sharing of video, music, and all manners of other content, so the technology is widely deployed and comes with more than 130 million estimated users already set up to take advantage of the new commercial movie service. On the other hand, BitTorrent's offerings—though numerous and including many major new studio releases—don't strongly distinguish themselves from other online video offering in terms of pricing or capability: BitTorrent isn't offering a tremendous deal, and the purchases are saddled with the same consumer-frustrating digital rights management technologies employed on other services, making it hard for BitTorrent to rise above the din.