Wii House Control

Out of the box, the Wii looks to be a pretty fun entertainment system. LiquidIce, of Wii hack fame, wasn't satisfied with this. His latest hack allows the Wii to control his HA system. lights, Cable DVR etc. The heart of the program is a custom PHP script that directs traffic and is controlled the a flash designed front end. Very nice work indeed.

From the article:

I'm sure that if you rigged something up you could do something similar
with special software that runs on your PC. However, by using the WACI
I have a dedicated piece of hardware that's only function is to send
commands to my stuff no matter which interface I create to control it.
If you are looking into going into home automation you should check out
some of the open protocols which you can access from just about any web
programming language. I can program the same home automation scripts
using, Flash, ASP, HTML, Javascript, C#, C++, and Java. It's great for
developers, and fairly simple to get started using the provided sample
code from Insteon or one of the other do-it-yourself home automation
packages. For more info on home automation you can check out: