TheaterTek DVD: Last Day $29.95

According to TheaterTek's Website this is the last day of this GREAT sale. TheaterTek typically sells for $70 and is considered one of the best software DVD players there is. Not only that, TT comes with Nvidia's PureVideo CODECS. Its pretty hard to pass on this type of a deal.

TheaterTek Website:

What is TheaterTek DVD?
DVD is a Windows™ software DVD player designed for the Home Theater
enthusiast. As Home Theatre PC's, or HTPC's as they are now called have
become more popular, the need for a DVD player designed for home movie
watching led to the creation of TheaterTek DVD.

What is an HTPC?
HTPC is a PC designed with the primary purpose of movie watching or
handling multimedia. As such, it is usually connected to a High
Definition Television (HDTV) or projector. Watching DVD playback via a
computer in this way can be an emotional experience, as the image and
sound quality can rival significantly more expensive dedicated

How is TheaterTek DVD different from other software DVD players?
DVD incorporates unique features not available in other DVD players,
and is optimized for the highest possible quality of DVD playback. The
user interface has been created for easy navigation with either a remote control or mouse and resembles the simplicity of operation of a standalone DVD player.