Q&A with Microsoft about Vista

Not directly related to HTPC's or Home Theaters, but I'm sure there's plenty of questions out there regarding the upcoming Windows Vista, and Lifehacker asks some pretty good questions.

Why should I upgrade to Vista?

By far the most resounding question Lifehacker readers had, the
first answers I got were basically security, stability and new features
– the same reasons you'd upgrade any piece of software. Vista takes
advantage of next generation graphics, memory and disk technologies
that make it faster, more secure and performant than any previous
version of Windows. For gamers, Direct X 10
(Vista only) provides incredible graphics. For system administrators,
Vista offers more control and "tweakability," if you will, for managing
the system. Speaking of, here's a screengrab of Vista's new
"Reliability Monitor" for sysadmins.

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