Fox, Viacom, CBS and NBC Discuss YouTube Rival

This will go about as far as I can throw a 7'2" dwarf… not very far. When this many businesses get together to try and displace a free service, you just know that it won't work. I hope Fox, Viacom, CBS and NBC come to some sort of agreement that will allow for users to enjoy their content in a paid or ad supported way. However, I just can't see it happening.

From the article:

While a deal is still far off, the four media companies envision a
jointly owned site that would be the primary Web source for videos from
their television networks, the paper said in an online report on, citing people close to the situation.

The companies aim to cash in on the fast-growing market of Web video
advertising and have also discussed building a Web video player that
could play clips, the Journal said.