HDTV Podcast #126

The HT Guys' latest podcast features a few juicy news items like Sony's 1080i fix on the PS3 and AT&T's latest deal with HDNet. The meat of the 'cast is talking about Panasonic. You get the full meal deal here, from the company's history, to the current happenings of the company.

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Panasonic is a brand name for products made and sold by part company Matsushita
Electric Industrial company of Japan.  It was founded by Konosuke Matsushita in
1918 and the Panasonic brand was created in 1955.  Today Panasonic is the
largest electronics manufacturer in Japan with 2005 revenue in excess of 74.5
billion dollars US.

The name Panasonic was originally intended to cover
Matsushita's line of audio products.  It comes from the words 'pan', meaning
'all', and 'sonic', for sound.  Since then Matsushita has begun manufacturing a
wide array of consumer and professional electronics, from entry level to more
more expensive, using the Panasonic brand name worldwide.  Theses include
everything from LCD and plasma television sets, DVD players, telephones, VCRs,
digital cameras, laptop computers, portable CD and analog tape decks and home
stereo equipment.