Blu-ray drowning in negative buzz: report

As always, I caution you about not taking "Internet research" too too seriously. Sure they took a big sampling but do the really represent the majority of people who are going to buy this in the long run? My hunch is that Joe Consumer isn;t following too many tech blogs and forums. Saying that, the article does make some pretty valid points.

From the article:

Cymfony looked at 17,664 posts from 323 blogs and discussion boards
over the last two months. The majority of posts came from two groups,
videophiles and gamers, and were evenly divided between the two
technologies. Cymfony found 46 percent more "positive discussions"
about HD DVD than about Blu-ray, and also found that few people are
talking about Blu-ray's twin advantages of higher storage capacity and
increased interaction.

Surprisingly, though, the bad buzz has nothing to do with common
arguments about the high cost of the format and the lack of a unified
standard for high-definition video. The most common complaint (26
percent) about Blu-ray was a "general dislike" for the format, based
(so says Cymfony) on two things: a long history of failed Sony formats
(think MiniDisc, Beta, ATRAC) and a perceived arrogance on the part of
the company.