Pioneer Elite PRO-FHD1 Plasma HDTV

Is the PRO-FHD1 Plasma worthy of its "Elite" heritage? To date, no one will claim that plasmas were the darling of the videophiles among us, however, it appears plasma technology has matured enough where it may make more then a few people change their minds. Somewhat shocking, at least for me, was that you get no tuners what so ever. No matter the source, you have to rely on an external box. I guess that is not a huge deal, but it just seems like it should be there.

From the article:

What else is there to say about a product that, for me, has redefined
the performance capability of the entire flat panel category? As the
world's first 1080p plasma the Pioneer Elite PRO-FHD1 succeeds
completely and spectacularly, but that startling resolution is but one
of the ways in which this remarkable plasma stands above the crowd.
This set has a certain something else. While the sheer detail certainly
astounds this set's real success is in looking utterly natural and
organic and letting me completely forget that I'm watching a digital
display. This is a certain something that so far has solely been the
province of expensive front projectors.