HP MediaSmart SLC3760N: Cool Media Player and TV Combo


 How much would you pay for a 37" LCD with a built in media-center type software? If the answer is $1999, you're in luck! Apparantly HP feels that people are willing to spend $700 more for this feature vs their 37" without it. I'm a little baffled, but hey, seeing the overwhelming success of all the other TV/Media Center combos, how could they resist?!

 The HP SLC3760N 37" LCD Media Player was released in September 2006. In
addition to being a standard HDTV display, the SLC3760N is a digital
media player that lets you stream photos, music and videos from your PC
to the display via a wireless or wired network. HP also offers the
LC3760N, which is the same television but without the wireless network

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