Denon – DVD-3930CI

If you wander around any major AVS site, more often then not you will see Denon's name thrown around. Not only do they do the higher to mid range stuff very well, they have a great practice of technology creep into their lower models. Secrets has taken a quick look at the 3930CI from Denon and ran it through the standard suite of DVD benchmark tests. They seem pretty impressed by what it has to offer.

From the article:

I didn’t
find much, if any, difference between the scaling of the ABT chip in
the 5910 and the scaling in the 3930CI. Both are excellent, with a
small edge going to the 3930 using a luma burst test pattern. The 3930
showed a bit less ringing in the upper frequency range. De-interlacing
performance was the same, i.e., superb. The HQV chip passes all of our
tests without the slightest problem and represents one of the best
de-interlacing solutions on the market today. I even tested this player
with the AVIA vertical test pattern that has been causing problems for
this chipset in some projector designs. Like my DVD-5910, the 3930CI
has no issues at all with motion in the vertical direction and kept the
cadence locked at all times.