Holiday Shopping Tip: Don’t Forget The Necessories!

Are they allowed to release these type of articles before Thanksgiving. I really don't want to think about gift buying until I have digested my turkey and at least two days worth of left overs. Thats right! I said it. If you are one of the crazy ones buying gifts for the tech in your family, you will want to look up this article and make sure you don't forget the important stuff. All I really ask, remember the batteries. For the love of god… remember the batteries.

From the article:

When considering the purchase of a gift for a loved-one, give thought to
making sure your gift is complete. This doesn't mean you have to spend an
outrageous amount of money or buy accessories that they may not need, just
determine your budget beforehand and select a gift and needed accessories
(Necessories) that will meet your intended budget and provide the recipient with
everything they need to hookup and use their new gift.
<P>When making the decision as to whether or not to purchase accessories, also
take into account that, due to the large volume of sales during the holiday
season, some retailers may temporarily run out-of-stock on important
accessories, making the hunt for some accessories after-the-fact much more of a
hassle for the person looking for them. Save your loved one an additional,
confusing, quest for the needed accessories that you could have provided in the
first place.