HL-S6187W 61-Inch DLP HDTV

The 61" HL-S6187W 1080p DLP from Samsung weighs in at a very light $2999. For this price you get dual HDMI connections, the other usual suspects in the connection department and a very nice 10,000:1 contrast ration. Yowza! You do get a few downsides like minor artifacts during motion, a shoddy remote, and a little louder then usual fan noise. 

From the article:

Considering the price, it is hard to beat this set. When I critically
evaluate such a set, I do so by comparing it to the professional video
I deal with on a daily basis. For the movie enthusiast or the football
fan, this set is a home run of a value and protects you as 1080p
sources come to market. I think you need to look to spend thousands if
not many of thousands of dollars to get better at this point in the
game. For those looking for the next level of video performance
specifically from SD sources, I like the idea of an external video
processor. It will allow you management of more HDMI sources and give
you a better-looking low-res picture as it is scaled up to 1080p.